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Beyond the healthcare system: Physical therapy meets personal training for injury rehabilitation and prevention in a virtual coaching format.


Coaching for competitive and avid recreational adventure athletes. Maximize your time on the trail with focused fitness and strength workouts, nutrition guides, and mental training.


Coaching for the "lifestyle athlete:" busy with family and career, but knows fitness is part of a healthy life. Optimize your time with targeted efficient training to reach your wellness goals.

Online Resources

Coming Soon! For the independent, DIY learner who wants some guidance in the form of an online course, training plan, or e-book.


Movement, adventure, motivation, inspiration! Slideshow presentations, educational sessions, and freelance writing for magazines and blogs.

MTB Skills

Time to shred! Beginner to advanced riders, dial in your technical skills and increase your enjoyment and safety on your mountain bike.

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Training Thursday: The Foot!

Our connection with the ground is where all our movement problems start — or stop. Learn to strengthen and control the alignment of your foot while you exercise to stop […]

Mindset Monday #2: the Gap! (from Italy!)

I didn’t forget, the internet here is just reeeeeeeally slooooowwwwww for uploading videos. So here’s your Mindset Monday, in the middle of your Tuesday. 🙂

Training Thursday #1

Welcome to training Thursday! This Jump Pushup is an exercise that is really great for athletes who need to use their upper body muscles in an explosive fashion while doing […]

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Vital Motion Coaching

Vital Motion Coaching has been created by professional mountain bike athlete Liz Sampey as a place to share her passion and knowledge of movement with the world. As an athlete, physical therapist, and coach, Liz's mission is empowerment through movement: teaching and guiding people to reach their fitness, sport performance, and rehabilitation goals in a holistic and sustainable manner, and to educate, inspire, and celebrate the lifestyle that being healthy and active provides.