Mountain bike skills coaching

Are you a mountain biker who would like to improve your confidence on the bike, improve your performance at events or on rides with your friends, avoid getting hurt, and increase your fun factor x100?

Try getting some skills coaching!

As a PMBIA certified mountain bike skills coach, I work with riders of all ages and levels. As a physical therapist, I will also teach you the biomechanics needed to ride most efficiently, get the most power out of each movement on the bike, and prevent nagging overuse injuries.

My passion is working with intermediate level mountain bikers who love to ride but wish they didn’t have to get off all the time when their friends are riding over obstacles: believe me, learning these key skills will blow your riding world wide open. I’d love to help you make that transition!

I teach private and small group skills clinics. I also coach at big camps such as Lindsey Voreis’ Ladies AllRide Series. Contact me for details!